An Impact for Humankind

How you’re changing the world
one drink at a time.

785 million people all over the world lack access to clean drinking water. Humankind aims to flip the script.

So far, Humankind has helped over 300,000 people across the globe receive clean water.

With active projects in Africa, South Asia, the Caribbean, and beyond—we’ve only just started to make our mark.

Mr Sekyooyo Elated that Borehole Was Selected for Rehabilitation

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Gopanipally, Andra Pradesh, India

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Thaticherla, in Andra Pradesh, India

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Globally, clean drinking water doesn’t always come easy, but… we know that helping can be.

The mission of The Kind Human Foundation is to get people clean water. The introduction of clean water to a village that previously struggled without it changes everything. We lovingly challenge you to find a way to donate any amount of money that will bring about more life change for more people.

1. You Buy or Give

2. We Build

3. They Thrive

Make Your Impact

Your purchase of Humankind water goes further than the bottle in your cart. Your purchase sends water—and hope, and kindness—around the world through the building of clean water projects like new wells, well repairs, water catchment systems, hand washing stations, and filters.

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